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The Curse of Genghis Khan’s Tomb?

One of the most well-known of history’s great military leaders, Genghis Khan – or Chinggis Khaan in Mongol – founded the Mongolian empire that annexed much of Eurasia in the 13th Century. The subject of many books and films, Genghis Khan is an extremely important historical figure. But is there more to his tale? Does […]

T-Rex Could Explode Bones…!?!?

Perhaps, we should consider ourselves lucky every day that we do not share our planet with the prehistoric monsters that came before us. The most famous of these beasts is, of course, Tyrannosaurus Rex. The T-Rex has been the subject of countless popular culture horror stories over the years and in recent days, it may […]

Winter is coming…

In Australia, winter is just two weeks away! For some, this is a bleak time of year bringing rain, howling winds, low temperatures, and in some areas, a blanket of snow. But this is not an unhappy time! An intrepid nation, it is perhaps our desire for exploration and adventure that sparks our love affair […] opens…

The culmination of a 13 year dream and, subsequently, a lengthy 14-month construction process, is finally here. After a successful career trading in Collector Coins, the boss here at Melbourne Mint was able to move onto other business projects. Again, he met with great success. But of course, the heart always knows its true desires […]